Our Relationship to the James Baldwin Estate


To our great regret, His Place in Provence is endorsed neither by the James Baldwin Estate nor by members of the Baldwin family.


In July 2016, we invited the Estate and/or individual family members to join us, specifically by serving in a governing capacity on our board of directors. Soon thereafter we received a letter from the Estate’s attorney indicating their opposition to our efforts.


We have been offered no explanation for their position. This outcome is disappointing but not unexpected, given the Estate’s history of denying requests to collaborate with the great majority of artists, activists, and scholars who contact them regarding access to James Baldwin’s work.


Our legal advisors in France have determined this project in no way infringes upon the rights of the Baldwin Estate, nor does it damage its interests. We have therefore respectfully declined their request to cease our activities.


We remain hopeful that the James Baldwin Estate or members of the Baldwin family will someday join our efforts.

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