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Your membership sends an important message that many people around the world want to see James Baldwin’s sole remaining residence committed to the preservation and that the construction of luxury apartments is an unacceptable fate for this remarkable site. Your membership testifies to the global resurgence of an active community of Baldwin admirers and scholars with eyes keenly focused on the future of his house and the protected woodland that surrounds it.
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Members receive our monthly Les Amies de la Maison Baldwin newsletter, containing photos and videos of the house never before shared and notes on our plans and strategies for the work ahead.

To join at the Friends’ level, please follow this link to sign up for our newsletter. Voilà! Welcome!

$15 Founding Membership
Founding Members at any amount over ten dollars will receive the following:

  • Acknowledgement (optional) in the commemorative volume “Saving Jimmy’s House,” an art-quality book chronicling the process of acquiring this house. Contents to include rare photographs of Baldwin at the house, memories of him by those who visited, oral histories by residents of St. Paul de Vence, and reflections on his work and his importance by some of today’s most prominent writers and thinkers. Founding Members receive a fifty percent discount on the cover price of the book.

All Founding Members receive the same perks.

$25 Founding Membership for Two
Send us your friend’s email address and we will notify them of your gift!
$50 Important Founding Membership
Why so important? Gifts at this level support community mobilization campaigns and the crucial infrastructure necessary to do the work.
$100 Key Founding Membership
Gifts of this size ensure this project is staffed with skilled professionals. Your generosity at this level is meaningful and important.
$500 Major Founding Membership
Your capacity and your passion combine here to make a significant difference. We love major donors.
$1,000 Significant Founding Membership
The world is watching us. Big gifts like this are both validate and send a message to all interested parties. Founding members receive the same perks regardless of the size of their gift.
$5,000 Legacy Founding Membership
Your commitment is encouraging and generous and strengthens the international web of projects currently aimed at preserving historically black spaces.

Les Amies de la Maison Baldwin is currently in the process of applying for 501c3 nonprofit status in the U.S. and association benevole status in France. We are also in the process of incorporating as sister entities in St. Paul de Vence and Washington DC. Donations are not yet tax-deductible.

Mailing address in the U.S.: 1819 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001.

Mailing address in France: c/o Helene Roux Jeandheur, Le Pilon, Chemin du Pilon, St. Paul de Vence 06570


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